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AIR FTL lol, to me man. I couldn't FADE having air on my car. After the VIPd out LS (was dope as hell ) I rode in at my sisters house- its nice and all, but I couldn't do that everyday. Don't get me wrong, in a VIP car yes. But thinking about that in an M3, or any car thats typically supposed to be 'fun'. Couldn't do it. I don't care if they make 'stiff' bags or anything, I just couldn't do it. As I always say, to each is their own. I heard that MK2 is on air- if it is cool, I mean I give 100% props to the build but personally- I wouldn't do that ish. Especially after lastnight, I was on some super dope backroads till about 4am with 2 other friends in my scraping a55 car (lol) and just too much fun. lol thats all I really care about.
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