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Originally Posted by pei330ci View Post
I spent all Wednesday and Thursday preparing the car to go to the BMW dealership, and then to the dyno. There were lots of little details to wrap up to get the car drivable, which I won't detail here...but it did take until 6pm on Thursday to get the car loaded. Lots of work done.

New battery hold down bracket:

Passenger side seat belts being mounted:

The car ready for loading on Thursday evening:

I took the car home with me on the trailer Thursday night, then left early Friday morning for BMW Moncton. (In New Brunswick) Just after 9am they had the car connected to their diagnostic/programming system with the car checked out and ready for starting by about 10am.

Starting the car was pretty anti-climatic. I turned the key over, and it caught right away and came to life. (I have video, but the shop was too noisy to hear it properly) I let the engine idle for a couple of minutes watching temps and pressures before giving the engine a couple of blips and shutting it off. I then did an inspection of the engine compartment looking for leaks, and checked the oil. (It needed topping up)

Next, I started the car up and moved it out into the parking lot to check that I had full clutch engagement. I did a couple of low RPM launches in 1rst gear (2000 RPM) and accidently left a few stripes.... oops!

With the clutch/drivetrain ok, I moved the car back inside for a wheel alignment.

So at this point, the car was pretty much ready to drive, so the Shop Foreman and myself took the car out for a spin around the parking lot and then a quick jaunt down a private road.

My excitement got the better of me at this point, as I forgot to fasten down the hood. At about 30 MPH, it came up and hit the windshield and my new roof. The tech didn't know what to say...I just started laughing. This happens to everyone I know that races at some point; I was just glad that my memorable moment came at low speed without anyone getting hurt or the car seriously damaged.

So we closed the hood and limped back into the parking lot which was by now filled with spectators to see "what happened". I got out of the car with a smile, removed the hood with help from the techs, got back in the car with the Shop Forman, and drove back out onto the private road.

This car is intoxicating! The sound it makes from 4-7k+ RPM is beautiful and vicious at the same time. In second gear rolling the throttle on at 2000 RPM, the car pulls forward until it starts to spin the wheels at 5k...but at that point you don't care because it sounds so good.

I did a couple of 2nd gear pulls and hard brake applications (locked up the wheels once pretty good) before idling the car back into the dealership parking lot. As I climbed out of the car, I couldn't help but chuckle as someone asked me how it drives. I was in heaven.

So I loaded up the car, went for a quick lunch, then headed to the dyno.

The second incident of the day happened while positioning the car inside the JD Racing shop for the dyno runs. I don't want to cover it here, but I am addressing the problem privately. A suspension part broke, which we were able to fix. It was however the part could have easily broke while I was driving the car.

With the car safely strapped to the dyno, I began doing pulls. With a brand new dual plate clutch and ultra light flywheel, you could say that it was a little bit jerky to get the car up into 4th gear. I eventually got the hang of it, but the first few runs were a little "fun".

The video below is I believe the 4th logged pull where I was down over 30whp from my best pull of the day due to some "issues". FYI, I shift from 2nd to 4th at the start.

The car on the dyno:

The cooling setup on this car is killer! We didn't really even need the external fan placed in front of the car. The warmest the car got was about 150 degress on both oil and water during a long session of repeated 2k to 5k pulls under brake loads. There were times when I left the fan and water pump on between pulls where I had to warm up the car again to do a pull because the temps had fallen below 100.

So how does the engine work overall? It's too early to say until I get some issues sorted out, but it does in it's current state make more power than it did before. Also, that 7600 RPM redline is usable, which I'm very happy about.

This next week I'll be pulling the engine / tranny out of the car to do some chassis updates and check over the engine. There are some basic things to do like re-torquing the head studs, but I'm also going to take the Vanos apart again to re-time the camshafts.

One final note: No leaks.
Why does it sound like a HONDA? Other than that car seems pretty damn cool

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