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Originally Posted by 325rider View Post
^^^ I don't really think it sounds like a Honda.... Sounds like a B30 thats revving 7k plus
Are you ever going to change out the Beyern wheels for something else? Those are definitely heavy-set
Funny thing...JD Racing specializes in Honda tuning...and he didn't say anything about it sounding like one. I guess I need a better microphone? It is different in person...

He he...lots of people mention the wheels. Yes they are heavy, but I'm not worried about them at this point. (I have other wheels BTW)

Originally Posted by Eternal320i View Post
Wow, sounds awesome. Good job getting it running on first turn of the key. Pin down that hood, fix the minor issues and you are set!!!

Can we see the graphs to see your usable power.
Thank you. Well...technically it wasn't the first "try" to start it...but it did fire up pretty quick when it did.

No dyno graphs yet, I need to sort out some issues first.

I will say that the car is pretty quick even with the issues. I left a nice little strip in 2nd gear from 5000 to 7500 RPM, and that was starting with a 2000 RPM roll-on with 275 rears. (No clutch drop)
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