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Originally Posted by Rayce185 View Post
Absolutely amazing
Glad you are enjoying the thread.

Originally Posted by vI6ous View Post
Sweet car dude, sucks about the issues but we know you'll get them resolved. This thing looks so F'ing sweet
Ah...the one day it was clean. It's now covered from front to back in road grim...time to clean!

Originally Posted by tinkwithanr View Post
Has anybody mistaken your gigantic radiator for an intercooler yet?
Not yet in person, but people have thought that the oil cooler was my radiator.

Originally Posted by AL330CI View Post
That's a lot of meat under thoses wheel arches. You may have already mentioned them in your previous posts but would you mind sharing the wheel & tire sizes and offsets again? Are they rubbing. I love how the tires fill up the arches. It gives the car an very functional hunkered down look. Correct me if my memory is wrong, you'd previously metioned they rubbed a little under extreme load?
I continue to find your build to be very informative. As what everyone have said time and again, can't wait for the next update.
Complicated topic.

Right now, the 275/35/18s on the back do not rub on any sheetmetal throughout all of the available suspension travel. Keep in mind though, that I've had a LOT of sheetmetal work done inside the fender well to make these work. They do hit the rear bumper plastic though...which will be trimmed shortly. These tires do not fit a stock 330Ci without extensive modification.

Wheels are Bayern Mesh 18" X 9.5" in the back, and 8.5" in the front.

Originally Posted by mkodama View Post
I showed a pic of the car to another fanatic I was talking to on AIM. He thought it was an intercooler.
Hey...I would have thought the same thing if I didn't know the car.
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