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Need you input on a new setup

My Klipsch computer speakers are acting up on me after almost 2 years of decent service and its time for an upgrade.

I personnaly haven't seen (heard) a good computer speaker system that I really liked, even the $500 5.1 or 7.1 systems.

So I decided to just get a cheap amp $200-$300 and a $400 book shelf speaker.

I did some online reviews and found a lot of people liked the Energy Reference Connoisseur 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (RC-10), apparently they used to be $799 when they came out, now they are $400.

I heared these units side by side with vs the Polk Audio RTi A1 and I liked the Polk a lot more. The highs were much cleaner and crisper. So I am thinking of getting the Polk unts.

As for recievers, there really are only two units that seem ok for my price range and requirements.

1. Pioneer VSX-818V. I like the built in iPod connector and it has the coax digital in so I can feed the digital signal from my mother board.

2. Yamaha RXV363. This seems like a more "pro" unit but it lacks the built in iPod. This also has the coax digital input.

I really don't need a fancy expensive systems. The primary need for this setup will be PC sound which will include lots of music and some movies. I don't plan to have a surround sound in my bedroom but I might add a sub in the future.

Please chime in if you have any suggestions...
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