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DIY: ZCP m-track mode button relocate

I added a momentary push button to enable/disable m-track mode (on cars equipted with it).

I made this mod in combination with the multifunction retrofit. Togther the result is M-track mode + cruise + radio/phone controls. See
for the MF retrofit.

On ZCP cars, the wire connected to pin 8 of connector X10170 controls track mode. Grounding and releasing the wire toggles the mode. X10170 is located inside the cover below the steering wheel (see the link above for a good picture of the connector as well as pictures for gaining access to it).

First, remove (or at least loosen) the plastic panel above the pedals. It is held in place by 3 screws.

Next, remove the lower half of the steering column cover. It is held in place by 2 clips. The clips are released by pressing a punch or small screwdriver inside the center clip. Pull the cover apart by pulling down the tilt lever and then pulling down on the back of the lower cover.

Locate and disconnect X10170. It is green and located under the steering wheel. It lightly on the left side (near 6 o'clock) and is about the closest thing to the rear of the car under the wheel. Find the wires connected to pins 7 and 8. Pins 7-10 are connected to the 4 pin connector that goes to the steering wheel buttons. The wire on Pin 7 is connected to ground. On ZCP cars, the wire connected to pin 8 controls the m-track mode and pins 9 and 10 are not used. (On cars equipted with a multifunction wheel the wires connected to pin 8 is used for the cruise control, pin 9 is the i-bus, pin 10 is power).

Add a tap to each of the wires on pins 7 and 8. Run the tap wires to a momentary switch. When I did this, I added disconnect terminals to the wires and installed the switch by drilling a hole in the left side of the column cover, below the turn signal stalk. The disconnects made the switch easier to install and allows the cover to be removed in the future without cutting wires or removing the switch.

If you mount the switch on the column cover, be sure to find a location that has enough clearance. The switch can be mounted anywhere you can run the two wires to. A floor mounted dimmer switch (near the left foot on SMG cars) might be a cool option.

Note: If you do the multi-function retrofit, you will be cutting the wire connected to pin 8. Attach the switch to the segment of the wire running to the engine controls (and not the segment running to pin 8, which you will connect to the DME/DDE). Also, you will be connecting power to pin 10, which could be useful for an illuminated switch.

Reconnect, reassemble, enjoy.

Sorry no pics, but the thread referenced above has good pictures of the connector and how to get at it.
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