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Originally Posted by Bossmann32 View Post
Im still looking. I would like to get the vorsteiner one. There are a bunch of DIYs out there. The 2 best options are to either glue it to the foam (kevlar bar 02+ models) or buy $450 worth of parts from the 01' M3's front end. Im not sure I really want to glue it inplace but for the extra $450 and hassle... The car is not lowered so it shouldnt be too big of a hassle to get it off/on.
Have you read any testimonies from folks that had it glued? As long as the glue is strong enough, you should have no problems.

Originally Posted by 1sick bimmer View Post
hey pat i will be installing my new wheel bearings on friday that darn tool cost 249.00 from bav i got new pads and rotors i will be puting on friday also . i am sure we can help him out to put on his new bumper when he gets it
That's cool. GL with that. Let me know if you need any help. It looks like it's getting warmer so I'll need your help getting the control arms and bushings installed. I still haven't found a shop that will press the powerflex bushing on to the housing...
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