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I know this is a picture thread .. but Im guessing many people are coming here to research purchase. So let me tell you ... I also ordered recently. Shipped super fast!! I was gonna wait until the week after to install them but I got them by week end and had them up and running in 2 hours on friday.

I have a few negative things to say. Before I do .. dont get me wrong. I am absolutely happy with my purchase. But as you know, nothing is perfect:

1- no instructions included in the box. Not even a "go to this web address for instructions"!! no problem really, bc the instructions you can find on this forum or even better than umnitza's. I referred to both during install

2- the rings do not clear the beauty trim inside my 02 sedan facelift's headlight. In the instructions it says "its fine to leave the trim loose (not snapping it in)" but that doesnt sound like a plug and play installation to me ... and even when I tried that .. it still didnt clear the beauty trim. I had to cut off a small bit of the trim in the upper outside corner so they didn't interfer with the adaptive headlights. I would not tolerate any rubbing

3- I kinda hoped they woudl sit more flush against the headlight (it doesnt stand up 100% vertically like it should.. they are all very slightly angled out) but thats only noticeable when the headlight is still apart. So no big deal.

4- The power spliter devices are not sealed from the weather! Nor are any of the wires coming off the circuit board reinforced to protect against pulling or corrosion. Its apparent there are tiny heatsinks on this board .. but I would have liked to see it be weather proof. This is a serious weakness over the long term, espcially in teh engine bay.

Besides these points , the install went super-smoothly.

I would post my photos but they absolutely came out horrible. Its very hard to capture the effect in a photo. And it definitely varies whether its dark or light on, if your headlights or DRLs are on/off. So, you really do have ot see it in person to understand how they look. And that would be, "awesome"
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