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Originally Posted by Autobot325i View Post
make sure you have various size 11mm sockets long and short..different range of extensions.
have a 11mm open & closed socket

each bolt requires a different get that damn thing off

i've done ebay headers 3 times already. and I learned that all nuts can be accessed from the bottom, no need to remove any from the top of the engine bay. so no need to take off the secondary air pump.

make sure you have a small price of wood to jack the engine up so you can remove the engine mount. distribute the load so the jack is not digging into the engine.

lossen up the exhaust so it has room to move back when taking off the oem headers.

thats pretty much the pointers i can give you...just finised one last night for another fanatic

also if you can get shorter bolts for the header end to so, i personally think the ones it ships with is wayyy to long.

how much you charge people to put headers in??
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