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Matt & Superhiro,
honestly, there isnt too much of a difference in the sound, but at take off and low speeds i tend to be able to hear it better, but no, no sound clips considering there really isnt too much of a difference. but the headers combined with my intake make for a noticeable change.

as autobot said, try not to give yourself a time frame. but honestly, it took me a total of 11 hours to get mine installed but the was an hour in there for dinner then another hour to take my friends girlfriend home and to stop by his house so he could get a few things and then about another half hour in there for when i had to go to home depot to get bolts for the exhaust. the bolts that connected the original manifold to the exhaust flanges (or whatever that little area at the end of the headers is called) would not fit into the new headers so i had to go out and by 4 1/2"x1.25"x40mm bolts and matching nuts. I believe those are the right dimensions, i know it is definitely a 1/2" bolt though, length and threading is really up to you. So i guess you could say that it really took me about 8.5 hours, but that was with taking my time. so if you and your accomplices stay on task and just try to get it done, you should be able to finish in your time frame, I would just recommend, like autobot, that you not subject yourself to a time frame.
Also, there really was no need for a cherry picker, you just need a lift if you can get to one or at least a jack and stands then a jack with a 2x4 that is at least 12-18" in length to support the engine. remember that you will only be removing the passenger side engine mount so that leaves the driver side in so that will give some extra support along with the jack and 2x4.

good luck.

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