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Thanks for the DIY! I have been smelling pretty strong fuel odors around the outside of the car after fill ups and just figured it was some kind of bleed off until I saw a drip the other day. I jacked the car up, looked underneath and could see where the fuel had been running down the side of the tank. I was told that the o-ring that goes around the fuel sending unit & fuel pump sometimes fail. I purchased a new sending until since I was going to be in there anyway and went to work following the DIY. Once I got to the old fuel sending unit I found fuel pooled up on top which let me know it wasn't the o-ring. What I found was on the old fuel sending unit there is a (What I call) useless tit that sticks up and must have been making contact with the cover. It looked as if had been rubbed down and finally developed a very tiny pin hole. Just enough of a hole to let a very, very tiny amount of fuel out but not big enough to set off any kind of codes. Anywho, new part in, no fuel leak and problem solved.

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