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Originally Posted by shady3one3 View Post
Yes adding cats removes some rasp but also eliminates most of the hp gain from the headers...putting cats back in is like paying all that money for the headers just to relocate your cats.
No way Jose. Butt dyno noticed a tremendous gain when my stock cats were removed and I didn't notice a bit of decrease when I installed my hi-flows. There might have been a decrease, but a small decrease at best. BTW- I used two of the cats listed below (NOT THAT SIZE THOUGH-TOOOO BIG). I got two of ebay for $170 shipped, 2.25".

Also. If it was an exhaust leak causing the rasp, you MAY have a check engine light. I was leaking at the flange after TSE3 install and I popped for P0174 (running lean) and figured it was pulling in air from somewhere. I tightened it down after adding some copper and it went away.

I think the term "RASP" is thrown around loosely and categorizes a lot of differenet sounds. Is it a hissing/ticking kinda rasp coming from the mid area of the pipes? Or does sound like robot hampster going ape **** in your muffler? After a lot of thinking, I think my "rasp" is nothing more than the raw engine sound at high RPM's
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