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Originally Posted by Focal E46 View Post
No way Jose. Butt dyno noticed a tremendous gain when my stock cats were removed and I didn't notice a bit of decrease when I installed my hi-flows. There might have been a decrease, but a small decrease at best. BTW- I used two of the cats listed below (NOT THAT SIZE THOUGH-TOOOO BIG). I got two of ebay for $170 shipped, 2.25".

Also. If it was an exhaust leak causing the rasp, you MAY have a check engine light. I was leaking at the flange after TSE3 install and I popped for P0174 (running lean) and figured it was pulling in air from somewhere. I tightened it down after adding some copper and it went away.

I think the term "RASP" is thrown around loosely and categorizes a lot of differenet sounds. Is it a hissing/ticking kinda rasp coming from the mid area of the pipes? Or does sound like robot hampster going ape **** in your muffler? After a lot of thinking, I think my "rasp" is nothing more than the raw engine sound at high RPM's
That's fine, but I don't pay any attention to butt dyno research. Its meaningless.
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