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I responded back:

Laurie -

Thank you for hearing me out. I am trying to be the voice of thousands of BMW fans who are very angry right now with the current designs and extermely bad service offered by BMW delearships. I think the company is moving in the right direction in terms of design but what about quality service? I understand these are independent BMW delearships but they are referred to as 'stealerships'. They are extremely high priced and provide false diagnostics and repairs. I will give you a perfect example:

I am not a BMW mechanic but I know enough to do all the repairs on my BMW. While my car was under warranty the dealer tried to perform repair on my car that I Knew 100% I did not need. He said and I quote "Don't worry, we will stick it to BMW". I refused to take part in this conspiracy. They do repairs on cars that come in under warranty and slap BMW a huge bill in false diagnostics and repairs. If you are wondering why BMW sales and profits have declined then there's your answer. The trust and quality no longer exists. Once the BMW name is smuged every car manufacturer in the world will attack it. You need to act on it now not later and fix the problem at the root. I think you should suprise audit the independent dealers every few months to make sure BMW is not getting a bad rep.

I want a new BMW but not any of the current designs. You should snoop around on the many bmw online forums to see what people have to say. Hopefully you can relay some of our requests back to the engineers and fix the problems that exists for many-many years for example, the stupid secondary air pump. Whoever came up with that should be taken off the team. We refer to it as a duct-taped solution for a major flaw in BMW engineering and it is sad that till today BMW engineers have not shown any interest in fixing this flaw. That's a shame. This is what I mean by poor quality in design. BMW was well know in taking pride in their designs and the quality they offered. Slowly we see this fade away.

I hope this letter does not get lost in the dust. Everyone out there is looking towards BMW to do the right thing. I want to be heard.

Best Regards,

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