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Originally Posted by aggieE46 View Post
Rasp is beautiful. It's the nature of our engines. Embrace it.
I don't mind a bit of rasp... but mine is much more than just a bit.

Originally Posted by Focal E46 View Post
Dude I know what you mean about the rasp. I researched this after I put cat-less headers on and EVERYONE acted like I was crazy. "What? Rasp with the stock exhaust? You're crazy" or "I have stock exhaust and no cats and I love it, no rasp". PFFFF. Yeah right. What started as just a header upgrade, turned into my never ending embarrased journey. My car sounded worse than a civic but only under WOT or when I was "getting on it". NO- THE RASP WAS NOT CAUSED BY AN EXHAUST LEAK.

So I decided the stock muffler wasn't tuned to handle the increased air flow and higher rate of exhaust. I purchased the TSE3, knowing it would be loud but hopefully it will uniform this sound. Wow- it sounded great....until I "got on it" and then it would be raspy... a more intentional sounding raspy (if that makes sense) but still sound unrealistically loud. Not NEARLY as shitty sounding as it was with the stock exhaust.

Then I said WTF and ordered two magnaflow high flow cats and had them thrown in. Overall the car sounds a little lower pitch and the raspy is still at WOT but not the cheap ass sound, probably "just the sound they make". But I'll tell you what, it's a night and day difference now than what it was running a catless system on stock exhaust.... almost $2500 dollars later.
I'm sorry to hear about this and honestly, that is exactly what I am worried about. I think I will be getting a rogue Ikon exhaust in the near future and will go from there but honestly, as long as the tone improves I will be ok.

Originally Posted by lacrosseguy017 View Post
i'm running my headers on the stock exhaust, not even a zhp exhaust, and mine isnt that bad. I would suggest that once your engine has cooled, run it again for about 5 minutes until it is just barely hot again and then start checking your bolts to make sure they are all tight. as well all know, metal expands in heat so once you let the engine warm up just a tad, it should expand enough to where if the bolts can be tightened, they will. so just check to make sure they are all tight. i would suggest to start with the top bolts and then check the lower ones. but after you turn your car off, just go inside and get a drink or something to waste a few minutes, then check them, otherwise you will just burn yourself.

good luck.
I still need to retighten all my bolts, I will try to get that done this weekend!

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I have Ebay headers without cats and my car doesnt sound half loud at all.....you can varely hear any difference that y I'm going to purchase a UUC TSE on monday....I think the raspiness is kinda sexy at high RPMs
My car is SIGNIFICANTLY louder than before.

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Originally Posted by Afrothunderr86 View Post
sooooo, no video?
sorry about the delay but it's finally up!

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rode in another car behind Hiro's car tonight and drove it - with the automatic the rasp is accentuated and louder
Stu, thanks again for taking a look and for the ride in the sedan Officially the fastest I've ever gone! Oh and you should think about investing in a second "oh ****" handle for my left hand
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