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Originally Posted by timmyb35 View Post

how many different codes am I going to be able to read that are BMW specific if I purchase the Peake code reader other than the generic OBDII code reader? I am guessing that the peak only works for BMW vehicles or does it function with other vehicles as well?
I have no good way of giving you a specific number of un-represented codes, but the following quote from the article above is based on information from Peake's technical team:

More importantly, there are some fault codes that OBDII will simply not read. For example, in a review of codes for one specific model (2000 323i) there are more than twenty-five BMW Specific codes that are simply NOT REPRESENTED by the generic OBDII system. This is common for most models. Therefore, by relying on the readings from a generic OBDII tool, you are potentially missing important information.
To your second question - you are correct. The Peake tools are BMW-specific, and ONLY work on BMWs. Their sole function is to read the BMW Factory Programmed engine trouble code language.


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