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Originally Posted by ken@bimmertools View Post
Short of the vigilante portion of your post, I agree 100%. I am quite pro-gun ownership, and even more so for people who are as serious as the hobby demands. I think my in-born unease with guns is that (in general) their purpose is to injure or kill. Again - I don't have a problem with that purpose - they are necessary tools sometimes, whether hunting or self defense. The only thing stopping me from wanting to own a gun myself is the root unease I have with the power to kill.

I also agree that driving bears the same responsibility. You can easily kill as quickly with a car as with a gun, but the car itself was not built for that purpose. I didn't buy a car with that intent, nor would I take a car to a facility and practice driving it into targets shaped like a torso. Accidents happen, and I am comfortable with the responsibility of due care.

Understand that I'm not arguing the point about guns being more dangerous than cars, just trying to verbalize my PERSONAL feelings and visceral reaction to them. It is truly just a 'nervous' thing, and not about a "guns are bad" platform.
I dont consider stoping someone from getting robbed, raped, or killed a vigilante act. Its legal, expected, and sometimes required by law. Besides helping others, unfortunately, it is still needed in this day and age to protect your family and yourself.

Sometimes, there is nothing else that will do.

Dont get me wrong, I respect your caution. If more people were more cautious and responsible, guns would not have to black cloud stigma that they do.
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