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I will tell you that there will come a day when I want to go to the range or try trap shooting. I know SO many gun owners and enthusiasts that have offered the same thing (thanks for that, btw). One of my clients is a BIG TIME hunter. Like, he's held the world championship for pigeon shoot competitions for several years. He has a very large barn that is dedicated to his big game collection. He goes on at least one "expedition" each year for something crazy.

I told him I'd never fired a gun, he looked at me and said "Well that's just silly." Part of me agrees.

He then offered to buy me a "little girl's shotgun" with fringes and a bell on it.

AND - I have no fear of accidental discharge or any sort of unintentional shooting. The true basis of the fear is that little in-born nature that sets your mind thinking "If I point this at that person and pull the trigger, I will kill him." This is different than the thought "I WANT to kill that person". To me, the feeling is much like being in any other dangerous situation and realizing that with a single conscious decision, I can exact damage or death on myself or someone else - think being on a roof, tall ladder, scuba diving, anything that can give you (or me) shivers due to the required caution. Driving doesn't do that to me, so I don't equate that situation to this.

Again, this has been me trying to describe my own personal, difficult-to-rationalize freak-factor when it comes to guns. I realize I'd get over it with experience and training - and aside from not needing a 129087123987th distraction or hobby, I can see doing that one day.

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