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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post
You went to the one in Orlando today?

If so, I dunno.

I paid way under MSRP for all three guns (had printouts with me) and paid within 10% of internet pricing for ammo.

Of course, there will be some people going for max profit, but I saw AR-15 mags as low as $20!?!

Maybe everyone sold more on Sat than they thought they would or something.
I went down looking for the glock, ammo, and maybe some stuff for my AR or a 12 gauge.

The .45 auto ammo I saw was 30 bucks for 50 rounds (I got the same stuff last week for 25) and I wanted 1000 rounds. (Thats an additional 200 bucks I would have had to pay.) They had very little .380, but I can understand that. The .223 was pricey too (I can get 1000 rounds for like 360 here and it was more there.)

The Glock was just outrageous...I can get a Glock 30 with nightsights in Jax for ~550...the ones they had at the show were the same price without the night sights so no savings there...

The Mossberg was a decent buy, but it wasn't the specific gun I was looking for.

And a Lasermax laser was like 5 bucks off, which was hardly worth the time.

I'm glad you got some good deals but I was out of luck I guess...

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