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Originally Posted by JCz04Bimmer View Post
Sorry man. I am going to sell the car as-is. I'm done swapping parts.

And to those who think my asking price is high, please know that I am flexible within reason so feel free to send offers my way. My car is in excellent condition, comes with a nice selection of modifications and I have put a good amount of effort into ensuring that typical wear items have been replaced ahead of the sale so that the purchaser does not get hit with unexpected costs.

And of course you can find a pre-2002 M3 with high mileage in OK condition for around the same price. If high mileage and so-so condition is acceptable to you, be my guest. But you should, however, also consider the cost of owning an M-car. Take the brake system as an example. For an M3 you'll spend over $900 for rotors/pads/sensors/etc whereas for the 330Ci the same package runs just under $350. Control arms for the M3 will cost you $600 versus just over $350 for the 330Ci. Oil is double the price. See my point?

The following items have under 2,500 miles on them:
- Front Control Arms & Bushings
- Front Strut Mounts
- Rear Strut Mounts
- Front Rotors

The following items have under 10,000 miles on them:
- Sway Bars & Bushings
- Front & Rear Struts/Shocks/Spring
- Rear Rotors
- Clutch

In these economic times, its important to consider all costs associated with the purchasing of a vehicle. I do genuinely believe that my car represents a great value for the package you will get. I'm even going to include everything you need to do your first oil change with Redline fluids!

I agree 100% with the above info. I am in the same boat. Selling my 06 330ci with nice mods and only 25k miles on it. Im asking $24,000 and no interest so far. Economics crisis .... i guess

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