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Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
so does your cruise and reverse tilt mirror work
well sort of, my cruise control works just fine. But when you push the clutch in to deactivate cruise, the car thinks its slowing down so it revs up and last time, it revved itself to redline. So from now on, I just tap the brakes to disable cruise but yeah, other than that cruise control works just fine!

Tilt mirror is another story. I havent even thought about it, but if I am thinking correctly, it probably just connects into the reverse switch which is on the side of the transmission. I would think that I would just quick-tap into the reverse light wiring and run the wires to the appropriate DME pinout.

Speaking of my reverse lights... when we were doing the swap I had to wire the clutch switch correctly so I said to hell with the reverse lights, I can wire them later right? I did connect wires to the reverse switch on the side of the transmission and I ran the wires into the "drug storage compartment" in the engine. I have yet to wire the reverse lights into the glove compartment but once I do, i will be sure to include that in the DIY.

Originally Posted by cnotesdip View Post
im using a m3 tranny with the original clutch and pressure plate will i need an alightment Tool?
I dont know much about M3 clutches but Pelican parts doesnt list the M3 as needing an SAC alignment tool. So I guess it doesnt have an SAC?


EDIT: well they do have a picture of the M3 clutch and it looks like it has a self adjusting pressure plate. So I bet you do need an SAC tool

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