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Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
hmmm, I must have something wired wrong on the clutch switch or something - my cruise doesnt work nor does the reverse tilt

I have been told that coding would take care of both

reverse lights were easy

you should remove the clutch fan or your car will sound like a plane taking off on and in between every if you hear lots of fan/wind noise - that is the problem
yeah, I havent coded my car yet and my cruise works perfectly. Wiring the clutch module and clutch switch are very easy if you just have guidance. If you need help, just pm me and ill give you my number.

And I've been hearing that about the clutch fan. I have it on right now and the car sounds just normal. Probably because I haven't been in stop and go traffic to where my clutch fan would even be on. I think Navin323i had his car converted to an electric fan but from what I've gathered, that's very expensive.
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