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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
I'll post the link for you..after this thread is older as it can be helpful for a much cleaner install. Thanks for the info and part numbers. I'm going to order the parts monday. Do you know what the difference is in the two covers? Are they different applications for different ballasts or is one just a superceeded part number?

There are two different types of ballast covers because there are two different types of ballast. After 9/2001 BMW changed the ballast design a little bit. The later model has holes for two wires since they are both removable, while the earlier version has just one hole for the removable socket and the thicker non removable wire is just routed out the bottom of the cover.

Here is what the later model ballast cover looks like, notice two wires coming out of the top:

And here is mine with an earlier version (a 1/2001 build date car), notice only one wire coming out the top:

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