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Originally Posted by jgrecbets View Post
other countries (without guns) may be setting themselves up for disaster

When I was a little kid, 2 guys came into my house with guns. My dad was up in the middle of the night and put a bullet in one guys leg. Who knows what would have happened if he didn't do this.

All i know is I want to be entitled to live on my property in peace without anyone bothering me, and if someone was to cross the line and come on to my property to hurt me, I want to have a better defense than begging them not to hurt me.
This will increase 100x when i have wife and kids.
I guess the obvious problem is how they got into the house in the first place without waking anyone up. I'd rather buy a quality security system than a bunch of guns. Or at least buy the former first.

Originally Posted by russ330 View Post
I think I've caught hints of this argument in this thread, but one pro-gun argument that I fail to understand is the, "if everyone had guns, gun related crime would lessen."

Our country went through a time period like that, remember the "Wild, Wild, West?" No thanks.

As opposed to what the sensationalized media shows, the majority of people don't flip out when a tornado comes to town and they start looting or killing people. I was here when hurricane Katrina came to town, you know what happened? I got the fcuk out, just as most normal people did. Riots? I'd get the fcuk out. Terrorist attack? How many people started knocking off fellow Americans in NYC when the Towers fell?

I live in a world free of the fears of apocalyptic events.
Ironically, most of the world still has this image of the States. And with the current pro-gun arguments, they may have all right to think so.

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