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Originally Posted by Rayce185 View Post
I guess the obvious problem is how they got into the house in the first place without waking anyone up. I'd rather buy a quality security system than a bunch of guns. Or at least buy the former first.

Ironically, most of the world still has this image of the States. And with the current pro-gun arguments, they may have all right to think so.
They busted through the front fukin door! this was in the late 80's and nobody had alarms.

But even if you do have surveillance and an alarm, all it tells you is "someones coming for your ass"

What action do you take at that point? you see someone on the screen (assuming you're awake)... what you do? call the cops? Ive seen cops take a solid 10 minutes to come to peoples houses when alarms ring.. common response is "well then your cops suck" ... exactly!!! I don't want to have to rely on someone else for my family's security? I want to be the cop in my house.
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