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Originally Posted by jgrecbets View Post
They busted through the front fukin door! this was in the late 80's and nobody had alarms.

But even if you do have surveillance and an alarm, all it tells you is "someones coming for your ass"

What action do you take at that point? you see someone on the screen (assuming you're awake)... what you do? call the cops? Ive seen cops take a solid 10 minutes to come to peoples houses when alarms ring.. common response is "well then your cops suck" ... exactly!!! I don't want to have to rely on someone else for my family's security? I want to be the cop in my house.
Security system as in reinforced doors and locks, plus an alarm. But I get your point.

I just find it weird that gun ownership is taken as a natural response for living in the US. There are not many other countries in the 1st world that do it this way, but the rate of house raiding must also be alarmingly high. Obviously you can't do much about limiting the people willing to do such crimes, but I would rather invest money into securing my house before buying another gun.

I mean: The current "policy" has been working good so far, you could say: Buy gun, people break in, shoot thief. Or at least that's how I am seeing this picture.
How about stopping the thief from coming in in the first place? I would hate having to live with the bad taste of someone potentially violent being able to break into my home and having to use a gun, possibly killing someone.

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