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Originally Posted by SL Blak Soldier View Post
I've talked to my friends dad about this (older gen bmw tuner/guy person, lol) and he made a really good point saying that if JC does come out with shark edit it could possibly ruin peoples business of tuning our e46s. Meaning that if he comes out with this program it could totally crash the game of many of the bmw tuning companies because people will just start tuning themselves. A lot of businesses current edge is of the knowledge of how to 'hack' our ecus, as there are already ton of people who know how to tune. So businesses sales will definitely fall (including some of JC's because of the shark injectors) when a program like this comes out. Also since we would be able to save different tunes, you wouldn't really have to know how to tune, you could in essence use someones tune. So I think that JC has realized this and now is holding off on it until the last possible second.

just my .02

What Jim needs to do is a setup like this WWW.HPTUNERS.COM

I used to tune GM cars and every car I tuned I charged the client 100$ for 2 credits depending on car right off the bat that money went to Hptuners. Now Jim would make a fortune with a setup like that.

Incryption is in the OBDII controller and credits stored in ROM instead of the software.

I cant wait for Jim to release Shark edit.... Does Jim come to this forum sometimes?!?

Jim if you are reading this PM me if you need help with encryption programming...I can offer my help for free...for the community. that so needs this.
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