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Originally Posted by daddys///m View Post
"Homicides committed by friends/acquaintances and strangers are more likely to involve guns than those committed by initmates or family members."

51% of all homicides are committed by someone you know. This study includes ALL homocides. The percentage of gun homocides compared to total homocides (a guesstimate since their charts are not very detailed) is about 60%. The percentage of intimate and nonintimate family firearm homocides to total homocides is 21%. I won't necessarily include friends/acquaintances in there. I have many acquaintances (for example work colleagues) that don't know my wife's name, where I live, or anything else beyond what is public record.

That being said, I don't disagree that there is a flipside to gun ownership. Not everyone is responsible enough to own a firearm, even if they can pass a NICS background check. Just like not everyone is responsible enough to own a car, or have a baby, or walk and chew gum at the same time.
It's in the context of having to use deadly force to thwart a violent attack, not having to use deadly force only in the context of violent crimes involving guns.

When's the last time you decided, "hey... I won't shoot this guy because he's brandishing a knife, and not a gun."

That being said, at least no one is contesting that there is a flip-side to gun ownership, the original intention of this thread. It's a reminder that not everyone brandishing a weapon is safer, nor are they necessarily making you're existence safer. This isn't a thread about banning guns. However, it's rather easy to point out all the butt hurt gun owners who came to that conclusion

I want a gun owner thinking with their brain, not their emotions as clearly evident by many members in this thread.

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