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ADVICE NEEDED: Purchasing a new TV

Hey guys. I could really use some help on deciding on which TV to get. I am so confused I don't really know what to do haha. As far as brand I believe I have narrowed it down to Samsung. (Yes I know Pioneer Elite is the best, but I'm not wanting to spend 5K+ on a TV right now). I would like to stay in the range of at least 55" and above.

As far as the type of tv, I have both an LCD and Plasma, and so far I have not been happy with the LCD so I'm going to stay away from there. Here are the two following Plasma's that I am debating on buying. Can someone help me figure out the difference between the two in terms of picture quality and features?

Samsung PN63A760

Samsung PN63A650

Now in light of shopping for those two, I saw the new LED backlit Samsung TV's and I must say I am amazed. The largest they go is 55" but the quality of the picture seemed much better than the LCD's that I was comparing it to. Also the amt of heat was much lower than the plasmas. To top it off a thickness of 1" is def hard to beat.

here's the model number: UN55B7000

Can anyone here help me make a decision or help shed some light on what to do? I'm kinda stuck at this point and can't seem to figure out how to weigh the pros and cons of each.

Thanks for reading, and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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