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Originally Posted by Kubica View Post
You guys are forgetting something in this debate:

I am willing to guess almost all illegal guns currently in the US were at one point in time legal firearms.

So, gun owners, it looks like it is your fault that there are illegal guns on the streets.

So now your argument reads like this: We were irrrespsonsible for letting all those guns fall into the hands of criminals, so now we need to continue to buy guns so we can defend ourselves from our own guns that we let fall into criminal hands.

The only people you can blame for criminals having guns ARE GUN OWNERS!

Thanks gun owners! Way to be responsible! Keep up the good work!

And a special thanks to Texas gun owners: way to use all them guns to keep out illegal aliens invading our country.
I would really like to know where in the world, you pulled this harmonious piece of crap from, and spewed it on the walls like it was the gospal according to Kubica....

Most fire arms that are made illegal, are made so by the government. They set the rules, that we have to follow. Hate to burst your liberal tree hugging brain, but when you commit a crime, and steal my gun in the process, how is it that I am irresponsable?

Let's really look at this. You BREAK INTO MY HOUSE, and steal MY GUN and TV. The laws YOU broke are the following:
-Breaking and entering
-Armed Robbery (Once the gun was in your possesion
-Fleeing the scene of a crime
-Distruction of personal property

So it is my problem that YOU took it upon yourself to steal my well hidden AR-15 from my house??? Where do you come up with this stuff?

That is like me saying, everytime you take a drink, you are killing someone because of a DUI. You are no further connected to the situation, other than you share a common interest. If you steal something from me, from my house, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW.

And the illegal aliens comment... Which fvcking side are you on??? First you b!tch about gun owners and then complain about the aliens? I thought you liberal baby killer, tree hugging, pot smoking, cocaine snorting, social project starting, auto bailout pvssies were all for "equality under the law".

Which is it?

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