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Alright guys - Just wanted to share the good news! Got my car back today after getting the thermostat and belts (AC+serpentine) replaced. The temp gauge was a little crazy and heater didn't work at first but after a few miles it stabilized and the heater started to work again. I may need to check the system for air but its all good. The car warms up a lot faster too.

I also got the bad o2 sensor replaced. Hopefully this will eliminate the cel I had. So far so good. 3 sensors checked ready - I guess two are on their way.

Meyle control arms and powerflex CABs were also installed. Steering is definitely tighter, but not significantly. I guess it was too loose to begin with, but still a good upgrade.

Does anyone have a radar detector I can borrow? I'll be driving down to 4ngiefest this weekend and may need the help.
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