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Sorry to jack and dig up an old thread but I found something interesting in my I was changing out my tails to clears and pulled back the trunk liner and was just kinda checking things out cuz I just bought the DICE ipod kit online and figured I might as well see where the wires are and how much of a PITA this will be...anyway sitting ontop of the two shelf things was a medal box with two wires plugged into it (one kinda looked like a telephone cord)...i thought that was interesting since I saw the amp plugged in behind everything and I was curious as to what it was I just brushed off...then I found this DIY and just now realized that the box was actually the bluetooth module.

So now im super exicted cuz I want blue tooth but dont want to spend 750 to do it...but when I push my steering wheel controls nothing happens at all, so what do I have to do to make it work? should i start taking apart the center cnsol to see if there's a pairing button under there? would i just need to get the wires for the pairing button to make it work?

2004 325i, I have the "prewired for bluetooth" on my trunk also, and have the microphone, my owners manual (bought it cpo in jan) has a bluetooth phone code on a card thing...the funny part is I asked the salesman at the stealership if it had bluetooth he said no?
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