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Originally Posted by mpower95 View Post
Only a select few know how to tune the S54 ECU (Conforti, Nick G, Shadowman etc.) Those guys have developed a software SharkEdit to allow you to due a self tune or run maps that they provide. It was due to be released last year but Conforti heard that a group wanted to hack his work. From what I understand, Conforti is busy doing some encryption and has not set a date to release the Shark Edit.

Good luck with your quest.
What Jim should be doing is a setup just like "" he would make a fortune. For me its not about making money as I did that before when I was tuning supercharged GM's and Mitsu's...I dont have time for that anymore. I want to concentrate on my 330i and long term goal of becoming a specialist with BMW tuning and custom F/I.

I would so love to be able to adapt a EATON Blower M62 or M90 (cheap, low maintenance and awesome street torque where it counts the most for our daily drivers) to our 6 cylinders running at 7PSI and a nice water/meth setup if you would want to run more then 7PSI.

Similar to the very high quality ESS twinscrew kit

Few things I can bring to the BMW community:

1) Hopefullt A tuning solution for all of us on the very very cheap
2) My experience with Turbo's and the EATON blower
3) Experience tuning F/I cars and N/A cars

I believe in sharing and helping each other instead of keeping secrets for huge profits.... as we are all here for the same reasons (learning and helping each other) and not all of us have thousands and thousands of dollars burning holes in our pockets
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