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Originally Posted by dave330i View Post
I have an AEM on my mustang and I have to say, it has something like 467 different parameters that you can tune, it is one hell of a setup but you need to really know what you are doing with it...I wish I could work it without a tuner/expert , but it sure does fit the bill, if we had more info to work the stock computer, that would be great, I hope you find a whole mess of info for the community, appreciate the effort.
I worked with the Advanced Engine Management system a long time ago on my first car turbo honda 92 years a long time ago I was the first turbocharged Honda in Ontario, canada. The wiring to the stock harness is quite impressive and the price too ...for me personaly I like leaving the stock wiring alone for reliability.

One thing I dont understand is why does it seem like BMW is the only make that doesnt already have a tuning solution available for everybody to use and share. Mitsubishi has DSMLINK, etc... honda has HONDATA, etc.. GM has HPTUNERS, ... Audi,subaru..etc..all have one and everybody helps out everybody in the forums...expect well here.

Once I receive the hardware/cables I will be looking for a spare BMW ECU for testing and retreiving the code on my laptop. I'm Going to study the code and do my homework and once I do find out all about them...the info will be shared with you all I am sure some people on here are just waiting for that to be able to build their own F/I.
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