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you have to also think about having the car in the long run....Hyundai maintenance will be a lot cheaper and probably require less maintenance then a you really have to ask yourself "Can I afford a BMW in the long run".

I didnt know know they came with Brembro brakes....nice

Good for Hyundai they have come a long way...

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Hyndai Hyundai Hyndai Hyndai

No doubt, Hyundai has come a long way.... but it's still a Hyundai... Their new luxury model runs in the high $30K range, close to 40 Large.. For a Hyndai?????..You can get a nice 3 Series for that still or just a bit more... you have to ask your self.."what would I rather drive?"

to me it looks like a 350z from the side profile, but with the rear end jacked up...

NO thanks....
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