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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
phlfly you have made the clasic mistake most make, 5W30 is not a viscosity with a set HTHS rating, 'it covers a wide range of viscosities and HTHS ratings.' So again most 5W30's don't meet the spec for your engine. It just needs to meet ACEA A3,B3 and LL01 written on the bottle. This means a minimum viscosity of 12.0 cSt @100C and a minimum HTHS of 3.5. M1 5W30 for example is only 10.9 cSt @100C, and HTHS is 3.01. Now do you understand?
I have some bottles of an LL-04 oil and it has a viscosity at 100C of 11.4 cSt.

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