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Originally Posted by SteveX82 View Post
The fact that they blamed the problem on your head unit shows that they are incompetent, and incompetent people are extraordinarily capable of making mistakes such as overlooking an alternator charging problem.

If you have a voltmeter, do yourself a favor and check the voltage yourself. It should literally take you 1 minute. The fact that your battery failed just a few weeks ago suggests that you might have had other electrical issues at the time.
Yea they are incompatent........

SI B 24 04 06
September 2006

Automatic Transmission
Technical Service

This Service Information bulletin supersedes S.I. B24 04 06 dated September 2006.

[NEW] designates changes to this revision
ZF 5HP19 - Diagnosis of EGS FC 059 & 065

[NEW] E46: 325i, 330i with M54, M56 and ZF 5HP19 up to 04/2004

E39: 525i, 530i with M54 and ZF 5HP19

E85: Z4 with M54 and ZF 5HP19 up to 04/2004
Transmission warning light is illuminated and transmission enters fail-safe mode.

Fault codes FC 059 (3B) "Stall speed plausibility", and/or FC 065 (41) "Gear monitoring 4, limp-home program" are stored in the EGS control module.
Also, the following ambient conditions are stored in EGS for the gear monitoring faults 065, or 059: l
- "Throttle valve angle 0%",
- "Battery voltage 0 V ".

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any other fault codes are stored in the EGS control unit in conjunction with FC 059 and/or 065, then contact BMW Technical Hotline/Drivetrain (via PuMA) for further assistance.

Possible causes: electromagnetic interference or voltage fluctuation in vehicle's electrical system affecting the transmission turbine speed signal.

Non-approved aftermarket electrical equipment, or loose/corroded connections in the electrical system are the main reasons for the electromagnetical interference.

1. NEW Inspect vehicle for presence of various, non-approved aftermarket electrical equipment. If such an equipment is installed, contact a customer and with his/her permission disconnect it (remove it) from the vehicle.

2. NEW In case a customer does not wish to remove aftermarket equipment which may be causing an electromagnetic interference, provide him/her with an option of installing a special EGS control module (step 5 of this procedure). This repair and diagnostic time would NOT be covered by BMW warranties (customer pays for parts and labor).

3. In case aftermarket equipment is not found, then inspect connections and repair if needed at:

- Battery terminals,
- Battery ground connection,
- Ground/B+ splices/connection in engine and body harness,
- Ground connection at the ignition secondary windings, etc.

4. Using DIS/GT1 check the DME fault memory to determine if there is any fault in the primary or secondary ignition. Correct if needed.
5. In case, no problem can be found in the vehicle's electrical or ignition systems, then install the improved EGS control module (PN 24 60 7 548 312) fitted with interference suppression capacitor. The improved control module can be recognized by the index number "002", or higher, printed on the white, Bosch label below the second bar code. Currently, all EGS control modules available for BMW PDCs are equipped with the interference suppression system.

6. Program and code the basic EGS control module.

Seth Thorson
Service Manager/BMW Tech
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