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Originally Posted by dbworld4k View Post
Alright, so today I had a hunch my subwoofers' amplifier might be causing some problems. I drove around the block for a couple minutes and boom, the symptoms arose again, the battery light comes on every now and then at random times. I decided to disconnect the ground wire to my aftermarket amplifier and WHA-LA! No more sound cutting out, no more flickering lights and the red Battery light on the cluster never came on once.

I also noticed something else: the power cable for the amplifier connected to the OEM battery showed severe signs of burning. The electrical tape, the terminal, the wiring itself seems to have burned out quite a bit. I reconnected the amplifier system and noticed that if I played around with the power cable, the car's lights would dim in and out and the subs would make popping noises.

I'll take a pic of my actual setup once the camera's battery is charged. In the pic below, the amplifier's power cable is connected to where the WHITE arrow is pointing at. Should it be at the GREEN arrow instead?

What's wrong with my setup?
Hmm, it looks like you have a sufficient gauge wire but i'm not sure. What sort of fuse setup are you running, and what gauge wire? How many watts does your amp put out?

According to you, "playing around with the wire" caused problems. It sounds like somehow your power wire is grounding out somewhere,which would cause major problems, especially if it was before the fuse (you do have an inline fuse on the power line,right?) Also you said "OEM battery" although thats not an OEM battery. But anyways, its also possible that your power wire is frayed near the end where it goes into the amplifier (especially if you used a bare wire-terminal connection), and it may be touching the ground wire creating a major problem. Normally the fuse would blow in this situation but I can't see the fuse in your picture so I'm not sure.
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