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Originally Posted by Mach_Effect View Post
I can write a program to translate the table from hex to decimal if that would be of some help. I am ordering a book from amazon, it has to potential of describing maps, hopefully then I can make sense of the table. I guess what I am saying is, I will see what I can do with this.

To download the file click below

DOWNLOAD BIN FILE from DennyMedeiros
Thank you for hosting my file.

For the MAPS ... Looks like WinOLS can automaticaly find maps....not all but some. Looking in 2-D ...I can use HPTUNERS (old tuning software I used to tune F/I GM cars) to assist in identifying the found maps. (<--- this is where 80% of the work is made) after building the GUI is very easy and tuning/testing is the easy and fun part if you know how to tune properly but I can setup a DIY for starter tuners after...

I need to find these for starters:

-MAF freq
-Timing control
-Torque management

ahhh so much work ahead...
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