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Originally Posted by Grunt View Post
Are flattops illegal where your at? Not to be a stupid question, but these freaking days I don't know who can "legally" own what.
Yep, this one is a flat top. That handle comes off and there's a rail underneath.

Originally Posted by TheCarLessDriven View Post
Oh damn, I just realized that bi-pod closes and the legs go up into, becoming a forward grip, correct?? That is so fukin sexy
Yessir...the legs are spring loaded and independently height adjustable. They come rocketing out at the touch of a button. Functionally it's a pretty sweet combo. My goal is to try the front of the rifle as light and simple as possible.

Originally Posted by nikkei325i View Post
I'm an American, so I should own one.
That's the spirit! The AR-15 is the patriot's weapon of choice.

Originally Posted by steel_03 View Post
I went with an ACOG to go with the type of weapon that it is... Magnification is only x3 which is totally fine... The longest range nearest me is a 200 yard range.

Leupold is a great scope, but for me a waste since I don't have enough land or nearby ranges to use it to its potential.
I notice you don't run back up iron sights with the ACOG. With a fixed 3x scope do you any trouble with target acquisition at ranges under 100yds?

See, that's what I'm worried about...picking a nice powerful scope then being screwed in the event that I ever need to pop something at close range.

Magpul MS2 Multi Mission Sling and Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point (ASAP) arrive this week.


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