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Originally Posted by w0w View Post
basically theres a paste that makes contact with the cpu and heatsink to better dissipate heat. when this paste gets old it doesnt transfer heat as well since its basically just metal on metal, so that very well may be ur problem.
cool man, thanks. Ima check that out right now.

Originally Posted by mcr_driver View Post
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I haven't downloaded porn in 6 years.

Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
Yeah, you probably need to scrape off the old junk and put some new thermal paste on.

Did you also clean the intake on the case itself and blow the dust out of the power supply?
Yea, i cleaned everything really well. There was soo much crap in there when i cleaned it, because i left the computer case open thinking it will be better to keep it cool, but it only attracted more dust.

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