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Originally Posted by bimmerboi43 View Post
hey all, i recently got a response from court saying i was found not guilty for my unsafe lane change violation. However, i first had a court date and missed it due to me being rear ended. Because i missed court, i had a suspended license and a civil assessment fee of 300 tacked on. The clerk said that the civil assessment fee would be dropped if i was to win my tbd case. I did a trial by written declaration, and attached a copy of the collision report explaining why i had missed court. I was on the free way heading towards the courthouse about 30 minutes prior to the trial time when i got rear ended and took about an hour of my time.

Well, the letter i recently got from the courts state that i was found not guilty of the infraction but my petition for the civil assessment was denied. It also said that what i had paid for the bail was used towards the civil assessment and that i still owed about 130. I am really frustrated because i was unjustly given a ticket but later found not guilty. THe chp officer that did the collision report knew i was heading to court, and that he would be willing to write statement for me if need be due to the fact that he said his superiors would have to sign off on it.

What can i possibly do about the civil assessment fee. I was not guilty of the ticket, have a valid reason along with a collision report, yet i am still charged. I am a student and this is quite depressing.

Another question, i also got pulled over for no front plate just this week. I was told by the officer if i was to get it corrected, signed, and mailed in within 30 days that no fees would be applied at all. Yet, i always hear of people saying fix it tickets are 10 or 50 dollars. How much does it cost and what is the process on that? There is no where on ticket/citation that says correctable or non correctable? if i was to get it signed and mailed in this week.. how much would it all cost me? thanks.
The problem is that whether or not you were guilty of a violation you were still required to appear in court at the date and time that you promised. The only thing I can think of is to contact the court and tell them what happened that caused you to be late. If they'll accept a written statement from the CHP Officer then contact the Officer and request a statement.

The fine amount for fix-it tickets went up recently. It used to be $10. But I believe it went up to $35 plus court fees. Check the court website for more accurate information.
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