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Originally Posted by volcomnator999 View Post
can i get a ticket for indecent exposure or something for having a suction cup dildo on the roof of my car? or any kind of phallic graphics on my car?

and yes this is a srs question
Originally Posted by SilverStreakTeg View Post
Im sure there a statute for lewd act, which a dildo on a roof is a lewd act. You really think little kids need to look at a car and see a dildo on it?
I don't think that this would fall under indecent exposure since it's not actually a human part being displayed. But if you're going to put something like this on your car expect to get a ticket for every single little thing you do wrong.

While it might not be illegal to have phallic symbols on your car, they'll draw attention. Not always attention that you want. I think that it's rather disgusting and would write a ticket for everything that I could even if not for the dildo. No one, especially kids, needs or wants to see something like this on a car.
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