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Originally Posted by Azban View Post
So last night i got pulled over for speeding and he wrote down that i was doing 80+ in a 45. There is no way i was doing 80. So i came to a complete stop at the light. Once it turned green i took off not all out but defiantly accelerating fast. When i noticed the lights he was far behind me and i imediatly let off the gas and slowed down looking at my speed and it was a little above 60. He was far enough behind me that i thought at first he might just be lights on and going to a call but he pulled in behind me. Once i knew he was after me i pulled over and went through the process. So today i went to the same spot and stopped at a red and guned it all out when it turned green and there is no way i could get to 80 by the time i reached the place where we pulled over not to mention that i started slowing before that spot. On the ticket it says he didnt use a radar and when i first saw him light up he was wayyy behind me. To far to have paced and to have gotten a good judge on speed also it was at night.

I admit that i was speeding but was wondering if there is anyway i could fight the speed he wrote so that i would not have to pay as much and possibly have the option of traffic school instead of getting the point.

You can try to fight the ticket. But before you do, try to find out if the fine amount for 70 in a 45 and 80+ in a 45. You were most likely at about 70 (at the least) when the officer estimated your speed. If the fine amount is the same then there probably isn't a very good reason to fight the ticket. I know for a fact that if your defense is "I was speeding but I was only going 65mph!" you're going to lose.
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