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Sorry guys, I don't check this email account/website very often anymore and just saw a PM asking for an update.

So an update as requested... After replacing the idle adjuster the car was fixed and no issues or codes for the longest time... but now it is throwing a pair of codes every once in a while from a cold start up and letting it idle for a few min to warm up. I do not think this is related, but something new . I get a table 19 F5/F6 which is the Precat 02 sensor preheaters or something. Since I did put in new 02 sensors (and they are supposed to be good for 100k) I don't think they are bad. It only seems to throw the codes when the engine is "cold" (which is relative since I live in San Diego and the car is garaged so it probably never sees under 50F) and I let it idle for a few min before driving. If I start it and drive away right away I tend not to see the issue. I have also noticed recently that sitting at stoplights in drive with the motor idling, the motor will stumble sometimes (did not used to do this). I just looked over the idle adjuster again this past weekend when I was changing the brakes/brake fluid/oil/filter/etc with the propane again and did not seem to have a leak... I am wondering if the Dinan intake/throttle body and stage 3 engine software may be contributing... I just keep the code reader in the door pocket and reset it while driving whenever it pops up so I don't have to stare at the CEL on the dash... I'm waiting to see if this continues after it "warms up" here (although it was 97F this past Sunday - pretty good for the middle of April ).

I did the steptronic tranny filter and fluid a few months ago and took a bunch of pics and keep meaning to post them. I did not use the super expensive BMW LT71141 fluid but some Castrol Import Multi-vehicle ATF that said it met the same specs as the LT71141 was only $3 or $4 a quart at Kragen (not the $25/QT from BMW). I have about 12k miles on this fluid so far and no issues with the tranny (and I drive the crap out of my car). Very glad I did it as the fluid that came out at ~63k miles was (redish) black and it would have been very bad to let it go to 100k. The fluid was so cheap that I simply drained it with the drain plug, refilled it (just a couple of quarts), ran it for about 5-10 min while running through the gears, and repeated this four times (4th time the fluid came out cherry red "clean") to insure that I changed all the fluid in the torque converter. Then I dropped the pan, changed the filter, and refilled it.

I have also been using this fluid for my power steering as well. I noticed it was looking a little dirty and I was getting some "squealing" when turning the wheel, so I use a turkey baster to suck out the reservoir and then refill it. I have done this over multiple weekends to try and "renew" all the fluid without the hassle of draining the whole power steering system. The "squealing" has stopped and everything is running fine.

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