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M3 front

I've recently bought a 328 ci and wanted to give it a more aggressive look. Was thinking about the m3 front bumper. After doing some research on the matter i found that its not a direct fit. So i though about changing the whole front end of the car..... m3 fenders, bumper, and hood. The only thing about that is, seeing how the m3 has wider rear fenders on it. i imagined it would look odd to have wide fender on the front, and regular 3 fenders in the back.... with that said, i would like to know has anyone seen this done? and if so, does it look odd?(it would be great if you could post some pics of one that has gone through this) also, what is a alternative to other words anyone know of a rear and front apron that will give my 3 a more agressive/sporty look. Thanks in advance for you replies.
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