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Originally Posted by chris98891 View Post
ok guys hopefully im being paranoid but here goes:

i was on my way to a school meeting and was running a little late so i had to speed a little (50/35) which is pretty normal around here...but as im driving i pass a durango undercover car (who the hell knew?) and got hit by Ka as he drove by (thanks V1). i saw him brake a little but there was a little traffic behind me and he couldnt turn around. now the kicker: this cop comes to my school all the time to hang out with our school officer. im sure he saw my high school tag, my e46 stickers, my cca badge, and probably my plate. is it possible that while hes visiting the school, he comes over and drops off the ticket on my car in the parking lot? or am i just worrying for nothing?

thanks man!
i have had something very very similar happen to me and the cop just pulled me out of class and talked to me and tried to scare me also she said she couldnt give me a ticket, but someone also reported me for almost hitting a gandma and doing 80+ in a 35 which was so far from the truth its not even funny. i was doing about 15 over and passed some kids on a side walk... i guess some people dont like being tailgatted.
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