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Originally Posted by tscarola View Post
So I have this '02 M3 SMG, no NAV. I have a BMW iPod adapter installed, satellite connection and no CD-changer. I bought this M3 used in '07 and the FM reception has sucked ever since. I can pick up about two or three stations period. I live in Hampton Roads (Virginia) and we get very good signal from the local stations which total about seven or eight, however, not in the M3. Today I had some time so I removed the LH C*****ar cover and checked all the connections to the radio amplifier (N8). Everything looked good. I removed connector X424 and connector X1143 (what I assumed to be power) for the AM/FM amplifier, tested the voltage (12v and about 5v on each of the two leads respectively to ground) and then reconnected it. I tested the radio and FM reception WAS PERFECT!! I could pick up every station and then some! I actually programmed the presets during this time and all was right in the world. I then turned off the radio, turned off the car, removed the key, re-inserted the key, turned on the radio and NOTHING! Back to square one - no reception! The only thing I can think of is based on the fact that power is always supplied to the AM/FM antenna amplifier ALL the time so when I disconnected it, it was reset and worked? But not sure why, after turning off the radio and car, no reception now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you have a bad antenna amplifier... Have a friend with an e46? If so, borrow his amp and see what happens... if not, buy a new one...
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