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Originally Posted by thfrazer View Post
Hello everyone. This is an excellent DIY write up Kyle808! Thank you!

One question. Can someone please tell/show me the VANOS banjo and where the washers are that I may need to replace when doing this?

Also, a bit more detail on how to remove the fan and shroud and alternator belt would be great for me.


You can see the Vanos banjo in this picture. it's circled in yellow in the far left. I think it's an 18mm or 19mm socket. It's pretty big.

You you have an automatic, you will need a special 36mm BMW tool. You will need to turn it clockwise to loosen the 36MM fan bolt. The shroud is just a couple of 25 torx screws on the left and right. Something like this:

Alternator belt, just turn the belt tensioner clockwise to release the tension and then slip the belt off.

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