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Originally Posted by Len013091 View Post
Uhm, not to rain on anyone's aprade here... but an M54 overheated to the point of stripping the head bolts out is done. Bes tot part it out in that this case. You can do a time cert repair, but the metal around the threads could be stressedd to the point that it'll just fail again in the future. The head is probably warped as well.
Well thanks.

The head is verified true. The stripping happened to a FEW bolts holes upon reassembly, not like it stripped while the car overheated. This is a VERY common issue and is why such tools even exist. Thread certing a motor should have not long term affects as long as it is properly done. It is done on race motors and FI builds all the time to take the additional strain from additional load on the fasteners.
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